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Providing Medical Consulting Services to Pharma,
CME Organizations, Academic and Private Institutions

Gish Consultants

Robert Gish, MD formed the medical consulting firm Robert G. Gish Consultants LLC in 2013 to assist liver and liver transplant programs with their operational, outreach, compliance, financial planning and program development.

His firm also provides consultations with Pharma and a means of interaction between the pharmaceutical industry and CME organizations in addition to promoting liver health policies throughout the world.

Fresh Off The Press

Hepatitis Delta in Romania
Apr 19, 2018

Although hepatitis delta is considered hyperendemic to Romania and hundreds of thousands of hepatitis B patients are affected, it still remains largely unknown to the medical community. A lack of...

RNA interference therapy with ARC-520 Injection
Apr 15, 2018

ARC-520 Injection, Arrowhead’s first intravenous RNA interference drug, targets cccDNA-derived HBV mRNA expressed in the liver of chronic hepatitis B patients (CHB). Its design and preclinical characteristics (Wooddell et al.,...

Global Hepatitis Summit 2018
Apr 11, 2018

Join Harry Janssen, Jordan Feld & Adam Gehring at the 16th ISVHLD Global Hepatitis Summit in Toronto Canada on June 14-17, 2018. Gain valuable insights into hepatitis and other non-viral...

2018 PBC Conference
Apr 6, 2018

As many of you know the PBC Conference is coming up in May.  This is the largest gathering of people living with PBC in the U.S. and the PBCers Organization...

Consulting Expertise


Institutions & Industry

Improve liver centers and liver transplant programs. Overseing implementation of eConsult systems, developing guidelines and protocols for managing liver patients and liver transplants.

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Providers & Clinicians

Services for providers and clinicians who work in the domain of liver health, including gastroenterologists, infectious disease doctors, transplant physicians, hepatologists, NPs, nurses and PAs.

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Community & NGOs

Active with a number of organizations including international advocacy focusing on public policy in Vietnam, Phillipines and Armenia.

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Patients & Caregivers

Clinical support, including consulting on provider-to-patient care and clinical follow-up via Epic My-Chart, telehealth and telemedicine.

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