HCV DAA Treatment Appeal Letters

These template letters are offered to help with challenging health plan coverage denials of Direct- Acting Antivirals Agents. The letters may be downloaded and modified for submission to health insurers.

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  Community & NGOs

Dr. Gish has been involved with patient care and patient advocacy groups dating back to 1988 when he became involved with the American Liver Foundation. Since that time, he has been active with a number of organizations including the National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable, Viral Hepatitis Action Coalition, the Fair Foundation, Center for Eradication of Viral Hepatitis/Asia Pacific Organization, HEPDART, World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control, Hepatitis C Caring Ambassadors, Hepatitis B Free (San Francisco and San Diego), Hepatitis B Foundation, Viral Hepatitis Foundation, and Hepatitis Foundation for Vietnam. 


Dr. Gish's international advocacy career focuses on public policy in Vietnam, Philippines, and Armenia. His team wrote a white paper on Health Care and Liver Health in Vietnam that was published in a peer-reviewed publication.  Additional projects in Vietnam and the Philippines include protocols that advance screening for viral hepatitis and linkage to care, as well as global liver health issues including obesity, fatty liver, and alcohol induced liver disease.  The newest addition to Dr. Gish's global health policy work is in Armenia, where he is developing a white paper for that country's 5-year Liver Health Policy. 


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