HBV Reactivation Webinar
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HBV Reactivation Webinar

“Identifying and Managing Patients At Risk for HBV Reactivation” Live Webinar with Robert Perrillo, MD FAASLD

November 23rd, 12:00p to 12:30p EST

This comprehensive and free CME-certified program includes a video module, downloadable slides, a live Webinar, and two ClinicalThought commentaries.

In this webinar, you can pose questions and gain expert advice on specific challenges in screening for and preventing HBV reactivation in your patients. Topics relevant to oncology, hepatology, rheumatology, and dermatology will be discussed.

Registration on Clinical Care Options is required.

Quantitative measurement of HBsAg may be used to confirm ongoing HBV replication and monitor responses to antiviral therapy. Published studies support the viewpoint that repeatedly low to undetectable HBsAg values are a good predictor of sustained viral clearance.