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Liver Transplant Centers

Strategic Planning

Healthcare facilities that treat liver disease and take care of liver transplant patients must conduct strategic planning over their programs to retain or expand their market share against increasing competition as well as improve care and quality of care as part of being a magnet for patient care in their region.

Dr. Gish offers customized business planning for liver programs based on their region, vision and clinical skills. Size and structure, including benchmarks and best practices will be included in programmatic evaluation.

Liver programs also require an analysis of their critical components in multiple areas such as outreach, operation, marketing, and vision in order to increase patient capacity and expand their liver care program.

Dr. Gish has developed a variety of approaches for structuring and maintaining successful programs for the treatment of liver disease. His comprehensive reviews focus on strategic planning in the following areas:

  • Multidisciplinary care teams composed of medical doctors, nurse practitioners, inpatient hospitalists, clinical staff and registered nurses who specialize in liver disease, liver health and liver care
  • Organizational structure and support services within the healthcare system, clinic setting or hospital
  • Workflow processes for the living donors and recipients across all phases of care
  • Marketing studies to determine competition, growth potential and market share
  • Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) planning, as well as establishing metrics and milestones
  • Staffing and leadership advice for improved business and clinical operations
  • Development of protocols for managing liver patients as inpatients and outpatients
  • Implementation of regional hepatitis and liver cancer screening and surveillance programs including point-of-care tests
  • Starting or expanding outreach clinics including support via electronic interface
  • Modifying data management including database enhancements
  • Starting or expanding NP care programs for initial and follow-up care
  • Business and clinical effectiveness advice
  • Patient communications via email and telehealth and telemedicine
  • Regulatory compliance overview
  • Systems management global assessments
Diagnostics Research

Transplant Programs

Hospital administrators who want to implement a liver transplant program can become overwhelmed or stymied by the administrative and clinical requirements of such a program.

The first step in this process of external program assessment should be a transplant feasibility study that allows these administrators to make a calculated and informed decision. Dr. Gish conducts a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the resources needed to create a robust liver transplant program along with the projected patient volumes.

This analysis includes:
  • Contractual obligations needed to implement and maintain a transplant program
  • Demographics of end-stage liver disease for the potential patient base
  • Current competition and organ availability and how to maximize those local resources
  • Critical factors for successful transplants and best patient outcomes
  • Staffing and facility requirements changes to improve patient care and clinic throughput
  • Regulatory requirements that can assist in program growth and maintenance
>Therapeutics Research

Consulting and Support Services for Restructuring Liver Transplant Programs

  • Assistance with Certification for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
  • Recruitment of full-time administrative and medical leaders
  • Advice on placement of interim leadership
  • QAPI program development including transfer protocols
  • Review transplant billing readiness
  • Help process workflow development
  • Review managed care contracts
  • Staff training to maximize operations
>Education Research

Research and Education

Dr. Gish has extensive experience with implementing research programs for the study of liver disease and liver transplants. His services in this area include the following:

  • Grant applications to organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health
  • Management of clinical trials on viral hepatitis, including triage and priority establishment
  • Principal investigator for viral hepatitis trials
  • Collaboration with research centers
>Teaching Services

Teaching services in acute and chronic liver disease including:

  • National education programs on liver disease
  • Lectures as part of the core curriculum at universities
  • Case presentations to staff members
  • Lectures as part of grand rounds
  • Establishing conferences
  • Lectures to GI fellows
  • Development of CME programs

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