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Providers, Clinicians & Ancilary Personnel

Providers, Clinicians & Ancillary Personnel

Dr. Gish offers multiple services for providers and clinicians who work in the domain of liver health, including gastroenterologists, infectious disease doctors, transplant physicians, hepatologists, nurse practitioners, nurses and physician assistants.

He provides curbside consults for patients and doctors through electronic means and over the phone. Dr. Gish also advises providers on the use of electronic medical records, telehealth and teleconferencing.

Dr. Gish administers a listserve with more than 500 subscribers who receive the most up-to-date news, protocols, policies, and guidelines related to Hepatology and Liver Disease.

Private Practice, Community and Public Health Centers

Dr. Gish provides operational details on ways that health centers in California and surrounding regions can improve their clinic flow and patient care. He submits protocols and guidelines to many providers in this region, helping them enhance their practice in their offices, hospitals and medical centers.

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