Nat'l Coalition Combats Hepatitis B
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Nat'l Coalition Combats Hepatitis B

Hep B United was established in 2011 by Hepatitis B Foundation and Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organization.

HBU, which includes more than 30 community coalitions in in 15 states and DC, held their fourth annual summit on World Hepatitis Day 2016. The summit included advocates and federal officials focused on crafting culturally- and liguistically-adept approaches to reach both those at-risk and those already affected with hepatitis B.

“If community organizations can learn from each other and develop effective ways to educate people about hepatitis B and to get them screened and referred to medical care in the early stages of their infection, we can succeed in preventing new cases, save health care dollars and, most importantly, save lives,” said Jeffrey Caballero, AAPCHO executive director and Hep B United co-chair.

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HBU comments on the CMS Proposed Decision Memo for Screening for HBV Infection