Next Public Meeting of CTAF to Examine Newest Treatments for Hepatitis C
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Next Public Meeting of CTAF to Examine Newest Treatments for Hepatitis C

The California Technology Assessment Forum (CTAF), a core program of the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER), will hold a public meeting on December 18 2014 in Oakland CA to assess the comparative effectiveness and value of multiple new, all-oral direct-acting antiviral agent (DAA) regimens forthe treatment of hepatitis C.

The review will cover treatments under review by the FDA, including those developed by Gilead Sciences, Inc. and AbbVie Inc., and possibly a third regimen developed by Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. CTAF examined the first two DAAs approved for treating hepatitis C (sofosbuvir and simeprevir) at its March 2014 meeting, and the December 2014 meeting will further help clinicians, patients, and policymakers understand the evolving evidence base on how best to treat hepatitis C.

A policy roundtable discussion will focus on the issue of drug pricing and payment models for expensive drugs, of which the hepatitis C drugs are one example.The DAAs pending FDA approval feature simplified and shorter dosing regimens, along with fewer side effects andnegative interactions with other drugs. It is expected that, for most patients in the US, the newest DAAs to treat hepatitisC will be prescribed without the addition of pegylated interferon, an older drug that is injected weekly, can cause serious side effects, and has led to many patients discontinuing treatment…..