Nominations for the Distinguished Award in Hepatitis B Research are still open!
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Nominations for the Distinguished Award in Hepatitis B Research are still open!

The deadline for nominations is February 13, 2017. Please submit your nomination to Polly Ranson at

We encourage you participate in this newly established award and send in your nomination.

Award announcement:

We would like to announce the establishment of a “Distinguished Award in Hepatitis B Research” that will be given during the International HBV Meeting on a yearly basis. The Awardee will receive a plaque and, provided that funding is available, financial support from the meeting organizers for travel and accommodation to the meeting.

The selection criteria are:

  • Seminal scholarly contributions to the field of HBV research, as judged by the impact of publications.
  • Long-standing member of the HBV research community, who is recognized as a prominent leader, with a large body of work that has made continuous contributions to the field.
  • Frequent participation in the annual International HBV Meeting.
  • Strong commitment to serve, build and support the HBV research community, as recognized by various non-research contributions to the field.

Retired and active researchers are eligible for nomination. Nominations can be submitted by any past attendee of the International HBV Meeting, with a brief nomination letter (one-page) and the nominee’s CV. Joint nomination of two researchers will be considered only under clearly extraordinary conditions and such joint awards will be given only very rarely.Permission must be obtained from the nominee prior to nomination, and self-nomination is discouraged. Candidates who were not selected can be re-nominated in subsequent years.

The nominations will be reviewed and judged by a Selection Committee composed of:

The current Scientific Advisory Council

The current meeting organizers

Two ad hoc members (selected by the Scientific Advisory Council)

Review process:

  1. The Selection Committee will not take an active role in nominating candidates.
  2. The review process will be co-chaired by the Chair of the Scientific Advisory Council plus one of the current year’s meeting organizers.
  3. The review process will be held in strict confidence by the Selection Committee members. The Selection Committee members will absolutely maintain confidentiality of the selection until the selected candidate is announced publicly by the committee.
  4. If members of the Selection Committee are nominated for the award, they will take no part in the review process and additional members will be recruited to the Selection Committee by the rest of the committee.
  5. If a Selection Committee member is in the same institution or has co-authored a research article (not review article or commentary) in the last two years with one of the candidates, he or she will abstain from voting on the candidate but can vote on the other candidates. If one of the chairs is in conflict with one of the candidates, the co-chair will manage the discussion and voting for that candidate.
  6. After the selection is announced, the Selection Committee, via its chairs, can privately encourage those candidates who were on the shortlist but not selected to be re-nominated in the future.


Polly Ranson, Meeting Secretariat

Hepatitis B Foundation

3805 Old Easton Road

Doylestown, PA 18902 USA

Tele (215) 489-4900