PBCers release statement on "Name Change Initiative"
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PBCers release statement on "Name Change Initiative"

You may ask why change the from Primary Biliary Cirrhosis to Primary Biliary Cholengitis?

The past eighteen years have brought many improvements for the PBC patient by way of early diagnosis and medications which slow the disease’s progress. As treatments improve, most patients diagnosed with primary biliary cirrhosis may never reach cirrhosis, need a liver transplant or be at risk of dying. Dr. Robert Gish explains that “this couldn’t happen at a better time since 80-85% of PBC patients do not have cirrhosis and may never develop it with further advances in therapy”.

From London to Milan to Las Vegas, the “Name Change Initiative” has taken on a life of it’s own supported by medical professionals such as Drs Robert Gish, Eric Gershwin, Keith Lindor, John Vierling and many more, and voluntary non-governmental organizations world-wide.

The PBC name change is a global initiative with a goal of changing the name to accurately describe what the diagnosis of “PBC” means for patients.

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