Post-WHD 2016 Model for Action: SF Public/Private/NGO Collaboration
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Post-WHD 2016 Model for Action: SF Public/Private/NGO Collaboration

End Hep C SF is a multi-sector collective initiative employing evidence-based practices, community wisdom, and the creative leveraging of resources to work toward hepatitis C elimination in San Francisco. Although Hep C focused… the model is applicable across all viral hepatitis elimination efforts.

MOST NOTABLE about this initiative is their decision to address the very real challenge to multi-sector coalition building.

Supporting End Hep C SF is The Collaboration for Impact, an innovative and structured approach to making collaboration work across government, business, philanthropy, non-profit organisations and citizens to achieve significant and lasting social change.

Thank you to Miranda Sedillo, MS, Program Planning Manager, HCV Programs, ECHO Institute™ University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, for cheerleading 2016 WHD and sharing the recently published SF HCV elimination plan (