Solvadi - Letter to Congress: Nat'l Assn of Medicaid Directors
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Solvadi - Letter to Congress: Nat'l Assn of Medicaid Directors

Dear Senators and Congressmen:

We are writing on behalf of the nation’s Medicaid Directors to provide insight on the challenges posed to Medicaid agencies by new and emerging treatments for one of our nation’s most pressing public health problems – hepatitis C. We also wish to begin a dialogue with you on federal policies which strike a better balance between appropriate access to new pharmaceutical cures and treatments for consumers and the long-term fiscal health of the Medicaid program which currently covers nearly 70 million low-income, vulnerable individuals and families. Our letter identifies several ideas to ground these conversations.

NAMD is a bipartisan, non-profit organization which represents Medicaid Directors in the fifty states, the District of Columbia and the territories. The Association was created in large part to develop consensus among Directors on critical issues, specifically those that have national policy implications.