World Hepatitis Day 2017 - CEVHAP Activity Update
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World Hepatitis Day 2017 - CEVHAP Activity Update

Dear CEVHAP members and friends,

As we all prepare to mark World Hepatitis Day today, I want to update you on the two key initiatives we’ve been working on in recent months. Given that so many of our members are now autonomously running their own WHD campaigns and activities locally, which is terrific, we took the decision to invest in an initiative that aimed to “expand” the reach of World Hepatitis Day beyond the one official day on 28 July by generating media interest in hepatitis ahead of the actual day.

We have also spent some time considering the shift in policy focus from global/regional advocacy to national level policy and programme implementation to identify strategies that CEVHAP can use to best respond to these changes in ways that can add value for those who are most affected by hepatitis.

1. Viral Hepatitis Policy in Asia Survey 2016

As you are aware, the report Viral Hepatitis Policy in Asia Survey 2016 conducted for CEVHAP by the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Centre for Global Health, was launched a few weeks ahead of World Hepatitis Day, on 14 June, at a Press Conference in Hong Kong which was presided over by CUHK Vice-Chancellor and CEVHAP Founding member, Prof Joseph Sung and lead author, Prof Tammy Meyers of the Centre for Global Health. The data and information from the survey presented at the event continues to generate interest and appears to have provided some impetus for several journalists in the region to give greater attention to hepatitis and World Hepatitis Day. Attached is the report previously distributed and summary of the media coverage it has received.

2. CEVHAP Strategy 2017-2021

Following an executive workshop in early May, we have developed a strategic framework for CEVHAP through to 2021. In response to the many developments and achievements in hepatitis policy and advocacy since the inception of CEVHAP in 2010, our current strategy takes our focus from what has been a global/regional perspective, to one that seeks to strengthen the support we provide at a local level with emphasis on two key areas: 1) raising awareness of the social and economic impacts of viral hepatitis; 2) advocating for quality standards for health practitioners and national health systems supporting people affected by hepatitis.

Our next steps are to develop actions to support the four objectives outlined and we would welcome your suggestions for local pilot programs, projects and activities that would work towards these objectives. You will find attached a paper setting out the strategy, along with an infographic which more simply conveys our strategy “in a nutshell”.

I wish you all the best for your activities to mark this World Hepatitis Day 2017!

Best wishes,


Jennifer Johnston

Executive Director, CEVHAP