HBV ECHO: Reducing Perinatal Transmission
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HBV ECHO: Reducing Perinatal Transmission

This teleECHO™ clinic provides training in HBV prevention, testing, and treatment with special emphasis on reducing the perinatal transmission of the hepatitis B virus (HBV). HBV ECHO: Reducing Perinatal Transmission is offered at no cost to select HRSA funded health centers and is accessible anywhere with internet service. Using simple videoconferencing technology, healthcare teams connect to a community of practice and experts in the field offering:

  • A diverse curriculum focusing on perinatal HBV prevention, treatment and care management of women and infants at risk for perinatal HBV transmission
  • Opportunity to present patient cases in a HIPAA-compliant format for recommendations from an interprofessional team of national experts
  • Opportunity to discuss clinic or system specific challenges in addressing perinatal HBV in the primary care setting
  • Membership to a virtual learning community that includes access to treatment guidelines and provider and patient resources
  • Continuing education credits at no cost for participants

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