Obesity & Drug Abuse Prevention
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Obesity & Drug Abuse Prevention

Obesity & Drug Abuse Prevention Begins With What We Feed & Teach Our Children

When did you learn to brush your teeth?   Are you still brushing your teeth?  Who taught you to look both ways before crossing the street?  Your Mom?  Dad?

Research shows that behaviors learned early in life are retained for years to come. However, the main educators . . . Moms and Dads. . .unfortunately are unaware of the miraculous life sustaining functions the liver plays every day converting the food they ingest into hundreds of essential body parts and functions. How can they teach their children about why and how to protect this vital organ  when they are  unaware of the miracles it performs and are unknowingly participating in liver damaging activities themselves? 

Tragically,  liver information has  been absent in schools for decades creating an enormous worldwide pool of uninformed individuals who are victims of diseases that could have been prevented had they been made aware of their learned behaviors that precipitated the development of  obesity, fatty liver, diabetes, hepatitis, atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes. . .all liver related and preventable.

Public health officials and healthcare providers are scrambling to control the drug abuse and obesity epidemics with barely a mention of how the learned behaviors are damaging and killing liver cells that serve as the employees in the body’s internal life support system. Ignorance is the silent liver’s worst enemy.  Yet, prevention initiatives and liver information are glaringly absent in programs to control the drug abuse and obesity epidemics.

Teaching children when they are infants about why and how to protect this vital organ is essential and possible.  However, how do we reach Moms . . . critically important educators . . .to arm them with information to share with their children?

We can begin by providing liver information in schools in formats that children of various ages can relate to such as coloring books like Olivia and Oliver - Meet Your Miraculous Liver created by the Liver Health Initiative and an  Emmy award winning DVD for teenagers called Give Your Liver  Break.

Children are great teachers. Providing them with  liver information they can relate to builds their self- esteem and empowers them to make informed decisions and to share information learned with family members and peers.  

Preventing drug abuse and obesity depends on each individual making informed and healthier lifestyle decisions.  It begins on day One with what Moms feed and teach their children.

The Liver Health Initiative has created reader friendly liver information for young children, teens, college students and Moms and Dads, and suggested communication techniques for teachers and healthcare providers that are quick and easy and memorable through the use of “story telling techniques” that they can relate to in their daily lives.   

They are available FREE on  LHI’s website liver-health.org, and can be used in schools beginning in pre K and on through graduation, drug prevention programs, and through social media outlets.