RNA interference therapy with ARC-520 Injection
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RNA interference therapy with ARC-520 Injection

ARC-520 Injection, Arrowhead’s first intravenous RNA interference drug, targets cccDNA-derived HBV mRNA expressed in the liver of chronic hepatitis B patients (CHB). Its design and preclinical characteristics (Wooddell et al., 2013) as well as its tolerability and pharmacokinetics in healthy volunteers (Schluep et al., 2017) have previously been described. More recently, single dose treatment of naïve HBeAg positive and HBeAg negative CHB and HBV infected chimpanzees demonstrated that HBsAg was expressed not only from the episomal cccDNA minichromosome but also from transcripts arising from HBV DNA integrated into the host genome, which was the dominant source in HBeAg-negative chimpanzees and CHB patients (Wooddell et al., 2017). Here we report additional antigen reductions observed off-therapy during a 12-month follow-up period in a subset of CHB that were enrolled in a multi-dose extension study.

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